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Crestview Church of Christ - Waco, TX
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Upcoming Events

Boston Meeting: Sunday, July 14th at 5pm.

  • This meeting is mandatory for all trip participants. You must let Brady know ahead of time if you have a legitimate reason to miss.
  • Adults/parents who aren’t going on the trip are welcome, but not expected, to come.
  • All students should be ready to turn in their Spiritual Prep worksheet and share their memory verse, faith story, and lessons learned from Colossians.

Youth Worship: Sunday, July 14th at 6pm. Bush’s for dinner afterwards. Pick-up at 8:30pm if you ride the van.

Middle School Mission Week: Monday-Wednesday. See the back page for a detailed schedule.

No JH Dynamite or Service Day this week due to MSMW and the Boston Trip.

Girls/Guys Bible Study: Monday at 7:30pm at the church. Pick-up at 9pm.

Swim Day: Tuesday from 3pm-5pm at the Hagelstein’s. Their address is 204 Painted Horse Trail.

Wednesday: Class at 7pm. Dessert at Dippin’ Dots at the mall afterwards. Pick-up at the church at 9pm if you ride the van.

Mission Boston: We leave Thursday evening at 7pm from the front parking lot. We will return on Saturday, July 27th around 11pm. If you have questions, refer to the Parent Letter or feel free to call/text/email Brady.

While we are in Boston, all daily activities are cancelled except for Sunday morning class & Wednesday evening class.

Family Worship: Sunday, July 28th at 6pm. Rosa’s for dinner afterwards.

Want to volunteer in the youth ministry but aren’t sure where to start? Check out this volunteer packet here!